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Computatia-II (November 30- December 1, 2012)
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Computer Science and Mathematics departments of VIT and VIT-East organized 2nd National conference on computational and Mathematical Sciences. (Computatia-II, 2012) on November 30 and December 1, 2012. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Madhukar Gupta, Divisional Commissioner Jaipur. During his inaugural address he emphasized that this is an era of inter disciplinary knowledge.                      

 The conference was graced by the presence of 

Prof. K.K. Biswas, IIT, Delhi
Prof. K.C. Gupta, MNIT, Jaipur
Mr.  Ripu Daman,VP,HCL
Prof. Mridula Garg, University of Rajasthan
Prof. H.C.  Taneja, Joint Secretary, ISITA

In the Introductory address Prof. Amitava ‘Babi’ Mitra, President, VIT University, and Jaipur, talked about the current systems which are unable to analyze a large amount of data and also provided the solution in terms of certain algorithms. Further he discussed the problems of the upcoming unemployed engineering graduates.                


Prof(Dr.)  Baldev Singh, organizing secretary of the conference introduced the audience with COPUTATIA-II. He also briefed the two day’s activities.

First keynote  talk was delivered by Prof. K.K.  Biswas of IITD on automated recognition of human activity through video clips in which he discussed its importance and the basics of image processing. The session began  with the talk of Mr. Ripu  Daman  ,VP ,HCL  who discussed the strategies for business continuity growth and sustenance for different  business models.


Next talk titled fractional calculus was delivered by Prof. Mridula Garg of Rajasthan University. Prof. K C Gupta gave tribute to the great mathematician Dr. Ramanujan and emphasized that every teacher must read  mathematics for some time daily.


Second session in the afternoon started with the talk of Prof. Ravi Gorthi of LMNIIT .He explained the importance of Model based software engineering followed by a very interesting talk by Prof. J L Bansal on Numerical solution of boundary layer equations .  At the end Mr. Amit Limba and Vikram Abrol of Infosys Jaipur described cloud computing in a  very nice and interesting

Technical sessions were held in parallel for Mathematics and Computer sciences, 22 papers were presented in Computer science and 14 in mathematics Finally, Prof. (Dr.) Baldev Singh H.O.D, Computer Science, VIT, gave valedictory speech to conclude the session.
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