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DB2 Workshop (15Sept.12 to 17Sept.12)
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As a Part of IBM academic Initiative Program a workshop on DB2 tool was organized by CST Club at VIT CAMPUS from 15/10/12 to 17/10/12for the 7semester CSE & 5th Semester IT Branch students under the efforts of HOD CS/IT Prof. (Dr.) Baldev Singh and faculty coordinators Ms. Neelam Choudhary & Ms. Tarannum Sheikh . The workshop was free of cost for all participants.  It was a big achievement for CST Club as well as VIT Campus. Inaugural session was conducted on 15 September with the valuable lecture delivery by IBM Trainer Mr. Sunny Narang. He was the key note speaker of the workshop.
During the session he focused He focused on the following topics with live examples
1. Overview about TGMC
2. Relational database concepts
3. Knowledge of the features or functions available in DB2 tools (i.e., control center, configuration advisor, configuration assistant, command line processor)
4. Basic Db2 & SQL commands & Data Studio
6. Ability to identify and connect to DB2 servers and databases, DB2 objects
8. Knowledge of basic characteristics and properties of DB2 objects
9. Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (ability to create objects)
10. Given a DML SQL statement, knowledge to identify results
11. Ability to use SQL to SELECT data from tables, SORT or GROUP data
13. Ability to use SQL to UPDATE, DELETE, or INSERT data
14. Knowledge of transactions (i.e., commit/rollback and transaction boundaries)
15. Ability to call a procedure or invoke a user defined function
16. Given an XQuery statement, knowledge to identify results
17. Transaction, ACID properties, Multiuser Environment
20. Isolation Level in Db2 9.7, Knowledge of DB2 products (client, server, etc.)
22. Knowledge of different privileges and authorities
23. Knowledge of encryption options (data and network)

24. Given a DDL SQL statement, knowledge to identify results (grant/revoke/connect statements)

The session was very interactive and fruitful for the students. Mr. Sunny Narang also discussed about big data that was beyond the curriculum of DB2 workshop.
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