Wednesday, 5 March 2014

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The operation of the CST is to make easy the new learning, technologies, advancements, improvements in technical world, sharing of knowledge,blooming the minds and re-creating the passion with a new enthusiasm in technocrats. The CST aims at developing a future in technical world, a different and easy way.The society conducts several workshops, seminars, presentations, several technical activities are carried out, and national & international conferences for enhancing the research work in India.

— The society will publish one issue of its technical magazine “TechNexo”,which will be published in the month of September.
— The society will organize and conduct 2 workshops with the hands on practice experience for students and all other members.
— The society will also conduct seminars on new upcoming technologies in IT field.
— Weekly presentations will be conducted by the student members to enhance their communication and presentation skills.
— Several other activities like technical quiz, poster making, techno-talks, project making, research works will also be organized periodically by CST.


Mr. Ravi Kumar Soni of CSE 2nd year was certified “Programming in HTML5 with java script in CSS3” from Microsoft.
Mr. Arpit Rajauria and Mr. Ravi Kumar Soni of CSE 2nd year were received their first Cheque of Rs. 9600/- from Google AdSense for their SEO Work.

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