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National Conference COMPUTATIA-I
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The National Conference on computational and mathematical science  hosted jointly by the department of computer science and  Department of Mathematics VIT and VIT East was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. Madhukar Gupta, Divisional Commissioner Jaipur. In his inaugural speech he messaged the audience to carry out research and innovation activity for the benefit of society. He advised the researcher to explore various other areas of the inter-disciplinary research so that the benefit of the ICT technology can reach masses.

On the first day of conference a very beautiful talk was delivered by Mr. Ripu Daman CEO HCL Infosystems, Jaipur on cloud computing.  In the morning session keynote address was delivered by Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Professsor computer science, BITS PILANI. It was followed by two more talks first of which was  on cloud computing, delivered by DR. Lalit Avasthi of  NIT hamirpur and second by Mr. Ajay Kapur Director of  ORACLE Education Initiative.
In the afternoon two parallel sessions were conducted in Seminar Hall 401 and 403 .In Conference hall-401, the session was chaired by Mr. Jagdish Prasad.  Prof. (Dr.) P.M. Jat of Dhiru Bhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication technology  delivered lecture on “Database and  Data warehouse  challenges”. And Prof.  J.P. Verma of  Laxmi Bai Univiersity Gwalier Delivered a talk on Discriminant Analysis.

11 Research papers were presented in the session on AI, Database and dataware housing ,Software engineering and cloud computing.

In Conference hall 403, the session was chaired by Mr. H.N.Sawariyan and Three lectures were delivered. First of them was given  by  DR D.S.Chauhan, Professor at University of Rajasthan and President of Rajasthan academy of physical sciences on Viscous fluid flow adjacent to shrinking surfaces. Second by Mr.J.S. Sikka, Professor at Rohtak University on SH waves in monoclinic medium and reflection at the interfaces and at last a beautiful talk by Mr. Rajeev Kr., Professor at Rohtak University. 7  Research papers were presented in the session on operational research and fluid dynamics.

On the second day session was started with a talk by Prof (Dr) R.P.Singh, secretary ISITA on Information theory and measurements. It was followed by two more talks. First of which  is delivered by H.C.Taneja ,professor at Delhi technical university on Information theory and measurements and second by S.C.Jain, HOD CSE, RTU Kota on computing theory and reversible logic.

In the afternoon two parallel sessions were conducted in Seminar Hall 401 and 403. 15 Research papers were presented on Networking and security and on some miscellaneous topics in Seminar hall 401 and13 papers on special functions and relativity theory in seminar hall 403.


COMPUTATIA initiated discussions on current and advanced research topics and provided a ground for doing more and more research and development work. Various advanced topics like cloud computing, pervasive computing, Data ware housing and Entropy are discussed.

Various advanced topics on cloud computing are discussed widely including the scope of cloud computing in next Generation. The discussion gave a good idea on potential of cloud computing in different business applications, how it enables IT to more rapidly adjust IT resources (such as servers, storage, and networking) to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demands.

A very impressive lecture was delivered on pervasive computing. A project named ‘PROJECT LIVE’ is presented to  show the application of pervasive computing in day to day life and  how human-computer interaction is performed in which information processing has been thoroughly integrated into everyday objects and activities

This conference exposed various opportunities for students, teachers, researchers and participants in learning and exchanging views. It would definitely help to create and expand a group of high quality experts in India.
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