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National Conference COMPUTATIA-III (25th & 26th Nov. 2013)
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Computer Science and Mathematics departments of VIT and VIT-East organized 3rd National conference on computational and Mathematical Sciences.(Computatia-III,2013)on November 25 and November 26, 2013. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. M.C.Govil, Professor in MNIT, Jaipur. During his inaugural address he emphasized on the combination of mathematics and computer in the present era and also apprised about upcoming technologies.      

 The conference was graced by the presence of 

Prof. K.K. Biswas ,IIT ,Delhi
Prof. A.K.Tiwari, IIT (Rajasthan)
Prof. A.P.Singh, Central University of Rajasthan
Prof. R.K. Tuteja, President, ISITA
Prof. J.P.Verma, LNIPE, Gwalior
Prof. Gulshan Taneja,M.D.University, Rohtak
Dr. Paresh Vyas, General Secretary, RAOPS

Prof .Baldev Singh, organizing secretary of the conference , introduced  the audience  with  the theme of the conference COMPUTATIA-III.

First key note  talk was delivered by Prof. K.K. Biswas  of IITD  on Automated Human Activity Recognition, in which he discussed the action recognition from RGB video clips taken by depth cameras. He also signified how an activity can be recognized by beaking it down into number of action sequences.


Next talk titled Lossless Image and Video Coding Methods was delivered by Prof. A.K.Tiwari of IIT Rajasthan. In which he briefed about how image and video compression methods are highly desirable for efficient storage and transmission purposes.

After this, the next keynote talk was conveyed byDr. A.P.Singh, Professor,Center University of Rajasthan. In his talk he explained complex dynamics in detail and also provided some ways to find accurate solutions and maximize profit.

First invited talk was delivered by Dr.J.P.Verma, Director Center of Advance Studies, LNIPE , Gwalior. He promoted young reserchers to come in the field of research. He also introduced complex dynamics and told how to design a research experiment.
After this Dr. Gulshan Taneja, Professor, Department of Mathematics, MD University, Rohtak gave detailed description   about reliability and cost benefit analysis of system with warranty and modes of failures.
On the second day of conference Dr. Ravi Gorthi, Prof in LNMIIT explained about mobile e-commerce components and problems related to network. He also told about middle ware which is used during transmission from server to the user.
Dr. Amit Srivastava, Prof Jaypee University, Noida, revealed his knowlwdge about measuring intuitionistic fuzzy information and discrimination of fuzzy information.

Dr.Kamal J.Rangra, Sr. scientist, CEERI Pilani deliverd a nice talk on Electronic Radio frequency and optical MEMS for strategic sector applications.
A talk on Glimpses into the world of werable computing was conveyed by Dr. Rahul Banerjee. In which he discuused about how dresses can contain electronic devices and can be used for various purposes.


Dr. Shilpi Saxena, Prof.  PIT, revealed that earth consists of mathematics. She told about mathematics of earth and secreys of earth.
Dr. Ripu Daman , VP, HCL,told about industrilization and how to take decisions in a industry. At the end Dr. Paresh Vyas, Asst Prof, Rajastha University explored his knowledge in the field of thermodynamics. He explained floe of heat through the porous medium.


In Technical session 24 papers were presented by students and researchers of different colleges and Universities.


Finally, Prof. (Dr.) Baldev Singh H.O.D , Computer Science, VIT, gave valedictory speech to conclude the session.

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